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Startup Idea of CyberZine India - New Business Venture

Make Money With WhatsApp- The Idea of CyberZine India Some people have a very good habit that they takes a good interest in news related to their nation. Even some people have good interest in Journalism too but due to some reasons they failed to pursue their passion. In this Business venture we will talk about an Idea that is helpful for people who belongs to the above group and are searching for both name and fame. Idea: Mistakes of competitors CyberZine is basically a term used for Online Magazines. In India there are some good online magazines already available but their online editions are not-so-popular. The main reasons behind them include: High charges for monthly subscription- Nearly 5kPoor advertising policies  These two are the main reasons why cyberzines are not so popular in India.

What You can do?

If you take good interest in national matters and have a good knowledge of them too then you can start your online weekly magazine. In this magazine you have to target those ideas…

Earn money by solving school level PCM problems

With PCM I mean Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. If you are a college student or a teacher or any other random person who loves to solve school level questions but now want to make money from this passion then In this post I will tell you How you can earn money by solving questions of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Now you are wondering what does the above image signifies.. Basically this Image is taken from a website named Toppr which is India's No. 1 website for preparation of JEE Mains as well as JEE Advance exam. This website is basically for students but thanks to Toppr community that they are providing opportunity to educators like you and me that they can do some freelancing work there too.
Actually there are only a few such genuine websites which provides freelancing opportunities to online educators and Toppr is one of them.

To be an online educator with them,You had to visit their website. After visiting their website you have to scroll down to the bottom where …

Getting traffic from unwanted links:Here is the solution

Sometimes it happens that your website start getting traffic from an external unknown website. The point that you note it that although you get daily near about 1-5 visits daily from that site but the bounce rate is always 100% and hence the average session duration is also 00:00 effecting your site badly.

If you are too noticing the same problem then you should not worry as this is something natural that happens with every website when its online presence starts improving.In this post I have explained the detailed way of overcoming this problem:

The problem can be solved with the help of Disavow tool. This tool is helpful in blocking those websites which you should think are providing poor quality traffic to your site. Basically if you disavow a link it means you are asking google to not take the link into consideration while assessing your site. For example from the last two days I am getting visitors from a particular website which is based in some other country. As the site is no…

Which skill can you master as a new Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the most paying job these days. Many people are doing it as a part time and many are full time freelancers. If you are new to the world of Freelancing and want to know about the skill you can master for freelancing then this post will going to help you a lot.

Just there is one request to each and everyone reading this post to read it completely till end as in this post not only I will tell you about the skill you can learn but also about the freelancing site which you have to use. Actually the website about which I am talking is not specifically a Freelancing website but you can use it as a freelancing website. 

Which skill you have to master and Why?The skill I think you can master if you are not good in some particular field is Logo designing. Logo designing is a skill that is always in demand and you can say that it is a evergreen field because whenever someone starts a business, the top things about which that person looks includes a good logo for his/her comp…

Make $500 per month without doing anything

Ever heard of a blog directory! These are just the websites where people submit their blogs and websites so that they can get some visitors. More specifically you can say that it is a place where all blogs live together.Although these blog directories are not much popular these days but still there are many which have strong existence in the blogging world. Now:"First of all, I want to make clear that This idea does not revolves around making a blog directory so those readers who are even unaware of the idea of blogging can keep reading this post"
This idea revolves around making a Youtube directory . You can also say that it is just alike a Youtube channel which features best content from each Youtube channel. Now let me explain you what is the complete idea:-
See first of all you have to make a Youtube channel and a website. After that you had to contact Youtubers and you will ask them for the best videos of their channels. After reviewing their video which ac…

Good news for Adsoptimal Publishers-2017 Latest Update

Hello bloggers,
Here comes today a good news for bloggers who are using Adsoptimal ads on their website. Adsoptimal has closed its services now but the good news is it is doing the remaining payouts
If you are an ads optimal member and you had not received payment from them from a long ago, you can log in into your account.When you will log in you will see this message in your dashboard:
Dear AdsOptimal Publisher,

You are receiving this message since we are sending final payment to our publishers. As you have seen from our previous messages, we have been investigating a variety of suspicious behavior that had taken place across our network and caused our advertisers to withhold payment.

After much back and forth with our advertisers we have been able to receive a portion of payment and are providing a reduced payment to our publishers as part of this notice, since we can only remit what we have received.

Please note that only publishers free of any suspicious behavior and w…

46 Topics to make a new Youtube channel in 2017

Youtube is one of the best sources of Online money making and it provides both name and fame to Youtubers. There are many ways by which Youtubers can make money. In this post, I will not do details of that as I had already talked about it in my initial posts.
So in this post we will talk basically about those 46 topics or ideas on which you can make a new Youtube channel to earn some good bucks. Hence this post will help you to choose the topic of your interest on which you can make your own new channel.
News channel Origami CookingSports training concentrating particularly on a single sportsGym and exercise videos{Include Yoga and meditation videos too}Educational channelVinesComedyDance videosMusicPaintingNGO related channel that basically accepts donationsChannel on 3d art and pencil sketchesMotivational videosChannel on daily life hacksTeaching chess and other mind gamesChannel on brain teasersMaking models and charts of science{You can even sell them} Making useful items from scr…

How Youtubers can make money without adsense?

Some days before, Youtube announced that now they will show ads on that videos which have 10,000+ views. This announcement did not have effected Big Youtube stars but for small growing Youtubers who are just in their starting phase of Youtube journey this can be a bad news
But to make all those faces smile again, We are writing this post. In this post, I Sahil will tell you How you can make money From Youtube other then adsense:

1. Affiliate marketing is the very first word comes in my mind when I talk about this topic. The concept of Affiliate marketing is simple. Just promote and sell others goods, items and services and get paid for that. Many a times Youtubers fail to earn money from this as they join a wrong Affiliate program. There is no use of promoting those products who have no use to your viewers. Try to sell those goods and services only to which your videos and your base are related. Otherwise, You can join affiliate programs of Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm etc. to promote the…

Earn 1 lakh per month by making an online book store

Hey guys,
Welcome to my new startup idea. This idea revolves around making an online Ebook store. As per as the research did by me at platforms like Quora and others I had found that there is a strict need to start such an idea and it will be a huge success

See, there are platforms like Amazon KDP where people can sell their E books. But due to some reasons many of people fails to sell their books there. Moreover you cannot sell series of stories there
So the idea is to make a new online platform where people will upload their E books and run their story series.As per as my suggestions you should made a website design such that it offers your users to make their own writer page too.  One more thing I want to add that you should also provide a facility that people can sell their notes at your website too. This will also be of great help as many college students and teachers are looking for online resources to sell their notes
You have to just make a website with the help of Godaddy fo…

How to make a Youtube channel and monetize it to earn money

Hello friends, In this post I will help you to understand How can you make a Youtube channel and monetize it. For those people who do not what does monetize mean, Let me explain you in simple words:
"Monetize means placing ads before your Youtube videos and get paid for the same. Not only a Youtube channel, you can even monetize a website or a blog and place ads on it to earn money. Hence monetize word is not related to Youtube only and the concept of monetize is very broad" So now I will tell you how you can make a Youtube channel, upload videos on it and monetize your channel to get paid.
To make a Youtube channel, you first need a Gmail account. You can make it free of cost. Those who are also going to start a anew Youtube channel, I suggest you to start a channel using a new Gmail account by making an account at the name of your channel. For e.g. If you are going to start a channel on the name of Blogging Surgeon make a gmail account as bloggingsurgeon@…

What is Affiliate marketing- Full concept in 3 minutes

Hello everyone,
Thanks for visiting my blog. After reading this post you will be completely clear with the idea that what is affiliate marketing actually
I will try to explain you in the simplest words possible instead of telling you some idiot random definitions. Let us consider that I run a shoes store. I ask you that you have to help me in selling my shoes. For every pair you help me to sell, I will give you some share of my earnings. For e.g. If you helped me to sold a shoes pair of 40$ I will give you 5$ from it

Affiliate marketing works on the same concept. In affiliate marketing, you help various companies and stores to sell their products and services online. Famous websites like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart etc. are running their affiliate programs. So you can simply join their programs and help them to sell their products and also you can get a good commission from their earnings too. I hope you had now got a basic idea of Affiliate marketing

How It Works?

See, As I told you in th…

What you should have to do after starting a new blog?

Hello friend
First of all congratulations! for your new blog and Welcome to the world of bloggers. As you had made a new blog now only you have to complete some steps that will make your blog look better, help it to get faster in search engines results and hence help you to build good traffic too. I had mentioned the details below:

1. Turn on HTTPS in your blog: As you had made a new blog recently, I suggest you to turn on HTTPS. After turning it on your blog traffic which is going to will automatically be redirected to
    This will make your blog safer and it will become difficult for hackers to steal your visitors data and information. Note that blogs which are served our https are ranked higher in search engines as compared to blogs served over http as they are less safe.
For those who are using blogger as a platform they can turn https redirect on by just moving to basic column of setting option.

2.  Add Go…

Make your first blogger blog in just 5 minutes

Hello, Friends
In this post I will tell you How you can make your own blogger blog and earn money from it. Making a blog with blogger is completely free. You will get a domain as: for free.
This means that the free domain you will get will include the term Blogspot. If you want a domain as or means you want to eliminate the term blogspot from it, you can purchase a domain from GoDaddy or Bigrock
That purely depends on your choice that which name you want for your blog. So now let us start making your blog

1. First of all make a kind visit at

2. Click on create your blog
3  Now you have to sign in with your Gmail account.
4. You will be directed to a page like this:

5. Click on create new blog
6. Add the title you want to use for your blog. For e.g. I am using Blogging Surgeon as a title for my blog
7. Now select the  domain address for your blog. If no one has taken that domain name before for his/her blog,…

How to check that your website is Google friendly or not?

Every website wants to do friendship with Google but Google does not do friendship with every site. Google considers only those websites his/her friends which provides quality content and information, are well written and are easily accessible.

How to check that your website is Google friendly or not?

1. The very first thing you should check that is whether your website is registered with Google or not? To check that whether your site website is currently included in Google's index, do a site: search for your site's URL. For example, a search for "" returns these results.
If your site is on Google then you can simply send me a smile through this screen. But if your website is not registered with Google you can simply sign up for Google search console.

2. Using Structured data testing tool: This tool helps to check that whether Google can correctly parse your structured data markup and display it in search results or not. This is a free tool and th…

Android apps that you should download to earn some good money:

Hello Friends,
One day I searched for Android applications in the play store that can help me to earn some money with my smartphone. And I got the following results:

There is a long list of apps. I was aware with the fact that all applications are not going to give me money. But there is no way that can tell me that whether the application is real or not. So I started installing the applications and trying them. I still remember I installed more than 53 applications in a week and what I concluded that there are only certain applications which pays money and others are just scam. So in this post, I am ready with that list for you people so that you can install those applications to earn some good bucks:

1. Mycash app: This is a good real application that offers you money for completing wide range of tasks. This includes installing applications, refer and earn programs etc. You can easily recharge with the money you earned. Your mobile number must be verified in this application for do…

How can you make a blog and earn money through it?

Hello Friend,
In this post, I will give you a detailed explanation of How you can earn money through blogging?  

What is a blog?

The very first question that comes in every mind when we talk about this topic is What is a blog?
See guys, A blog is a place where people share their views or knowledge on a particular topic in form of articles, posts etc. Starting a blog is free. You can use platforms like Blogger, Wordpress etc. for this purpose. There are various topics on which a blog can be started. The list includes educational blogs, sports blogs, fashion blogs, sports blogs, blogs about movie reviews etc.You can start a blog about any topic of your choice and share your reviews there. To start a blog now with blogger visit: How to make a new blogger blog?

How you can earn your daily bread through a blog?
Blogging is a good way of earning your daily bread. There are a lot of ways through which a blog can make money. So let we talk about them one by one:
1.  By selling ads: See friend,…

How to increase Affiliate incomes with Cuewords?

Affiliate marketing is one of the major source of income for many bloggers. But In this blogging world only, there exists a large number of bloggers who have never earned a single penny from their affiliate marketing programs.

In this blog post, I will tell you How My affiliate income increased by 19% in the first month only when I started using Cuewords.

Cuewords is a new term to you. So let me give you a brief introduction about Cuewords. Cuewords is a special feature of Cuelinks affiliate program. Cuelinks is India's largest affiliate network with more then 20,000+ Publishers and 1000+ campaigns. The major campaigns include Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, Make my trip, Paytm, Ebay etc.

How Cuewords work and what is its use:

Let we suppose that I write a short paragraph in my blog post as:

"Flipkart, an e-commerce website that partnered with Motorola, has now announced that it will soon launch Moto X in the country. Moto X is a high end Android phone and is likely to cost ar…

How new sports bloggers can earn large money?

Hello Sports bloggers
First of all Welcome to my blog. In this post, I will tell you as a sports blogger, how you can increase your revenue and earn large amount of money.
Affiliate marketing is the major source of earnings for all the sports bloggers. There are many online stores which are selling sports goods. The list includes Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Sports 365 etc. As a sports blogger you can join affiliate program of all these networks and promote their sports goods at your website/blog by adding links, banners etc.

Many of you are I hope are aware with concept of affiliate marketing. But still for those who are newbies I am detailing the concept here. In affiliate marketing, you had to affiliate links of websites at your blog. When anyone from your website, clicks that link and visit that website and make a purchase, you will get a share revenue of that purchase. For e.g. Let us say you sold a cricket bat of Rs. 1000 through affiliate links. Hence you will get a share from t…

How to add widgets to a blogger/ wordpress blog for free?

Beautiful widgets to your website can make it look more beautiful. You can easily customize your website/blog by adding widgets related to surveys, subscribe buttons, contact forms, share buttons, promo, surveys,chat etc.
All this will improve the user experience and Hence it is advised to every blogger to use these gadgets. All these gadgets can be added easily by using Getsitecontrol. You just have to make a simple account with Getsitecontrol which does not take more then 1 minute.
After creating an account they will provide you a code which you have to add in your website once only.After that you can anytime add, create and remove gadgets from your dashboard of Getsitecontrol.

How to create a widget?
To create a widget,login to your Getsitecontrol account. Click on create a widget. Select from the available options. This list of available options include:
1. Subscribe
2. Contact
3. Promo
4. Survey
5. Follow
6. Share
7. Chat

Click on that widget which you require for your website. No…

How to make Quora blog to get killer large traffic?

Hello friend, Quora is one of the most popular Question- Answer based network. This site can be highly useful for you to increase traffic for your new blog and website. As a blogger, I am also using Quora and I have a Quora blog too. In this post, I will tell you How you can make you own Quora blog and how can you properly use it to drive more and more traffic to your website as Quora blogs cannot be monetized so there is no use of high traffic on Quora blog

To make a Quora blog, You first need a Quora account. Even you can simply login with your Facebook or Gmail account and connect it with Quora. After making an account you have to follow these steps:







How can you earn money by playing quizzes?

Hello dear,
This is the Indian version of this post means this post is for Indian readers only. I will soon upload a general post too that will work for person of every nationality.
So you want to earn money by playing quiz. Then guys Quizwin is the best platform for you. Quizwin offers simple quiz questions from topics related to G.K., Current Affairs, Sports, Computer, Food, Culture, Bollywood etc.They provide bumper prizes in form of paytm cash, bikes like Royal Enfield Classic 360 etc.They provide a daily cash prize of Rs. 5000 too in form of Paytm cash to the highest scorer

A Paytm account is required to use this service as you have to login using Paytm account.This whole quiz system works on point system. For each correct answer 10 points are rewarded and there is no negative marking for any wrong answer
A winner is selected on the basis of:
1. Highest score
2. Minimum attempts

Note that there is nothing like luck draw in this game. Only the person who answers correctly is selec…

Start an online portal to earn 4-10 lakhs in India-New Startup ideas?

Hello friends,
Welcome back to my blog. Today I am sharing a new startup idea through which you can make 4-10 lakh per month. This idea needs a very small investment. This idea revolves around the concept of online tuition. Yes you read it right. There are many students who are searching online for tuition, study material, test series, mock tests etc. Due to a large number of students preparing for IIT-JEE, AIIMS, IBPS-PO, SBI-PO And Exams like UPSC AND CLAT it is easy to collect a large number of aspirants. See friends, What I have noticed is there is not a single good portal for preparation of exams like CLAT And UPSC. So if you start one, no doubt you are going to give birth to a big startup. Although there are some portals like Unacademy, Etoos Education, Meritnation etc and They are providing good quality education but still they are a lot of problems with them were major one is the high tuition fees. The ones which are free are not so good too.

How to start this idea: To implem…